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We´ve recorded Take Me Away 2.0 and Nightwish´s cover Dark Chest of Wonders, both included in our EP, Tainted Souls.

Tainted Songs

Delirion´s EP, Tainted Songs is finally out!


Delirion have released a new EP while we keep working on our 3rd album. 

This heterogeneous EP includes a few recent recordings, but also some older "bonus tracks" that we recorded over the past years and which were never included in any of the previous two albums. 



1. Take me Away (2015)

2. Dark Chest of Wonders – Nightwish Cover (2015)

3. Silent Symphony (2010)

4. Forever – Kamelot Cover (2010)

5. Lotus – Accoustic Versión (2016) 

6. Tainted Souls (2012)